Analysis of the Trend and Present Situation of the Top Scientific Talents

July 5,2018


YIN Zhixin, WANG Hongguang

The top scientific and technological talent is the first resources, and it is the competition of science and technology, economic competition and the core of the comprehensive national strength competition, is the foundation of a country in the future. Through the base data analysis between 2015 and 2016, China's top scientific talent quantity has been into the top three for the first time. 15 subject has its top talent, and 6 subjects is blank; Top scientific talent from enterprises accounted over 3%, all from biology. And then the author put forward some corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, for example, carrying out the exploration on talent forecasting based on technology forecasting, attracting foreign top talents to do innovation and entrepreneurship in China with targets, seeking the potential top talents for the scientific areas without top talents, filling in the blank of top talents, creating the international first-class working conditions for top talents, and energetically supporting the scientists with 'scientific prospects', etc.

Download the attachment :顶尖科学人才现状及发展趋势研究_尹志欣.pdf