Analysis on Monitoring the Indicators in the National 12th Five-year Plan on Science and Technology Development of China

July 2,2018


XUAN Zhaohui

Abstract:The national 12th five-year plan on science and technology development puts forward 10 S&T indicators and their development goals by the end of 2015 from 4 dimensions which are national comprehensive innovation ability, national S&T input and output, technological innovation supporting economic development and industrial restructuring and scientific and technological innovation environment. Now, 9 indicators have been achieved or are expected to be implemented as scheduled. From the point of completion degree, different indicators have showed different characteristics, in which R&D/GDP target is most difficult to implement. In the future, to achieve R&D/GDP development target, it’s necessary to strengthen the implementation of the innovation policy, to ensure the financial investment in S&T, to deepen the reform of S&T statistics work. Finally, the paper puts forward the principle suggestions on setting up proper S&T indicators in the 13th five-year plan.

Download the attachment :国家_十二五_科技规划指标监测_玄兆辉.pdf