Peruvian Experts Visit CASTED for Exchanges

November 7,2023

On October 23, Professor David Mayorga, Dr. Jorge Tello-Gamarra from the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies, Universidad del Pacífico, and Mr. Iván Rancés Tello Huatuco, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Peru in China visited CASTED for academic exchanges on topics such as China's science and technology innovation (STI) policy, and industrial innovation experiences.

Director He Guangxi from the Institute of International Scientific and Technological Relations, and other researchers from CASTED participated in the symposium.

During the meeting, Dr. Mayorga and Dr. Jorge Tello-Gamarra introduced that they are leading a case study on China's industrial innovation development experiences currently. The purpose of this research interview is to understand the differences in innovation development among different industries in China and the corresponding innovation policy background. Based on their respective research foundations, researchers from the CASTED introduced the evolution history of China's industrial innovation policies and major STI measures to Peruvian guests. Both sides also discussed the prospects for further strengthening communication and cooperation between the CASTED and the Latin American and Caribbean universities' STI think tanks.