Analysis of Reality and Model about Foreign and Domestic Maker Space

July 2,2018


HAO Junchao, ZHANG Yu

Abstract: Inspiring the innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiasm of general public is one of the strategicegic way of sustain­ing China' s economic growth and demographic dividend in the new normal, and the maker spaces arise in this context In this paper, we believe that the maker space is a kind of new science and technology business incubator from the nature and it is different from those traditional ones. The maker space which mainly aims at the early business meets the new needs of mass innovation and entrepreneurship in the network times and has the characteristics of opening and resources sharing. We also summarize the quantity and distribution, development model and the local support policy of China' s maker space, and analyze the typical cases of foreign maker space. On this basis, we put forward the policy suggestions regarding to the further development of China ’ s maker space.

Download the attachment :国内外众创空间现状及模式分析_郝君超.pdf