Research on the intention and its influence factors to pursuit science career of the public

July 2,2018


SHI Chang - hui,WANG Zhuo - ni,ZHAO Yan - dong

Abstract: Based on the data of " survey on public image of science and technology professionals ", this paper analyzes the public’s intention to pursuit science career and its influence factors. The result shows that science career has relatively high attractiveness to the

public of China. All of personal interest factors,career values factors,social capital factors and demographic factors have great impact on the intention to pursuit science career. Specifically,whether to participate in science and technology related societies,whether the

scientists are in the social relationships,and the evaluation on the social contribution,social prestige and occupational power of scientists are the main influence factors of the intention to pursuit science career of the public. Based on these findings,this study proposes

some corresponding policy suggestions.

Download the attachment :公众从事科学家职业的意愿及其影响因素分析_石长慧.pdf