Basic Research Funds Model and Its Enlightenment of Innovation-Oriented Countries

July 5,2018


Zhu Yingchun

The scale of investment in basic research funds in the innovation-oriented countries has steadily increased,and the proportion of basic research expenditure in R&D is generally between 15% and 25%. Most of the innovation-oriented countries form a diversified investment pattern of basic research. Although the implement sector of basic research is different in each country,but business enterprises give adequate attention to basic research. From the point of view of funding,major innovation-oriented countries generally adopt a combination of stability support and competitive support for basic research. Compared with the typical and innovation-oriented countries,the proportion of basic research expenditure in R&D in China is not high,the local government and enterprises don't fund enough to basic research. The basic research expenditure as a percentage of R&D expenditure in colleges and universities is low,and the basic research expenditure relies on competition support for a long time. On this basis,the author puts forward some policy suggestions to optimize the allocation model of basic research funds in China.

Download the attachment :创新型国家基础研究经费配置模式及其启示_朱迎春.pdf