The Present Situation,Problems and Countermeasures of R&D Funds Allocation in China —— Based on the Data in 2000—2015

July 5,2018


Zhu Yingchun,Yuan Yanjun,Zhang Haibo

China's R&D expenditure has ranked second in the world,and R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP has surpassed the overall level of EU countries,which indicates that S&T and innovation has gradually become the driving force of economic restructuring and upgrading. However,in recent years by the impact of economic downturn,there has been a decline in R&D investment and continued decline in the signs,worthy of attention. R&D expenditure is still the top priority in the background of insufficient R&D fund accumulation, low per capita funding and business enterprise R& D investment intensity. At the same time,the structural problems of R&D investment have been very prominent,while maintaining growth,the structure should be adjusted.

Download the attachment :R_D经费配置的现状_问题与对策_省略_于2000_2015年的统计数据_朱迎春.pdf