ISCP Paradigm Study of S&T Achievements Transformation of Chinese University

July 2,2018


Sun Desheng,Liu Feng1,Chen Zhi

Abstract: The paper uses adjusted ISCP paradigm of industrial organization's theory to analyze the scientific and technological achievements transformation of Chinese university. Results show as follows. ①The S&T achievements transformation's poor performance of Chinese

university is the inevitable result under the influence of the institution,structure and conduct. ②Under the existing institution and structure constraints,colleges and universities,their research personnel,and companies are more willing to bypass all kinds of restrictions,adopt a more subtle S&T achievements transformation conducts,eventually leading obvious poor performance. It is suggested that we should further strengthen the institution construction,influence the structure and conduct,lead to increase the overall performance and transparent conduct.

Download the attachment :高校科技成果转化的ISCP范式分析_孙德升.pdf