Thai Vice Minister of Science and Technology Pornchai Tarkulwaranont Visited CASTED 34

May 17,2017

On the afternoon of May 15, a delegation led by Pornchai Tarkulwaranont, Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand, visited CASTED, and discussed China-Thailand science and technology cooperation with the Chinese host. Vice President Wu Yishan presided over the meeting. Representatives of Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), a Thai consulting firm, and Beijing Great Wall Enterprise Institute (GEI) attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chinese side introduced the CASTED and GEI to the guest, and the Thai delegation briefed the Chinese host on the situation of the Thai Ministry of Science and Technology and the Panyapiwat Institute of Management. Pornchai Tarkulwaranont expressed the hope to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side in the areas of industrial technologies identified by the Thai government, and in particular, enhance cooperation with provincial authorities in China.

Regarding the cooperation between Thailand and China, Wu Yishan pointed out that the existing resources like friend cities should be used. In terms of specific cooperation areas, it might be considered to start from areas with distinctive features such as traditional medicine. CASTED researchers Ju Wenzhong, Su Nan, and Xie Fei introduced the development of regional scientific and technological innovation in China, the progress in the priority areas of Made in China 2025, and China’s technology foresight and evaluation. Representatives of the GEI and PIM also introduced their respective advantages and shared their ideas for cooperation.

Thai officials attending the meeting included Sethapan Krajangwongs, Director of the International Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Apisara Charoensri, Nuclear Chemistry Specialist at the Office for the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy; Poovadee Tuchinda, Scientist at the Division of Science and Technology Services; Pana Stitsart, Second Secretary of the Thai Embassy in China; Tang Zhimin, Dean of the PIM International College, and PIM researchers Orrasa Rattana-amornpirom, Sirilak Promrak, and Patsaraluk Wattananusit. The Chinese attendees also included Shao Xueqing, Director of the CASTED Scientific Research Office, research managers Gao Yi and Liu Lin, Wang Mingyang, Managing Director of the GIE International Business Department, and research managers Zhang Dong and Zhu Hui.