CASTED Hosted the Policy Forum of the 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum: Policy Choices for Global Science and Technology Innovation Hubs 20

September 29,2017

On the morning of September 24, 2017, the policy forum of the 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum, focusing on Policy Choices for Global Science and Technology Innovation Hubs, was held in Shanghai Dongjiao State Guest Hotel. The forum was presided over by Wang Yuan, former Executive Vice President of CASTED and Chairman of China Association for Promotion of Science & Technology and Finance.

Zhang Bingqing, Deputy Director General of the Department of Policies, Regulation and Supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology, David Lindsay Willetts, Member of the British House of Lords and former Minister of State for Universities and Science, and Russell Hancock, Founder and President of Silicon Valley Index, delivered keynote speeches on the topics of “building an inclusive policy and regulatory system to simulate the endogenous innovation of enterprise”, “science and technology policies of science and technology innovation hubs”, and “introduction to the Silicon Valley”. The forum also invited Wu Jianmin, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Zhu Qigao, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Luo Ping, Deputy Director of Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, to talk about the development of science and technology innovation hubs in Beijing, Shanghai and Anhui and their future goals.

Hu Zhijian, President of CASTED, delivered a keynote speech titled “Opportunities and Strategic Thinking for the Building of Science and Technology Innovation Hubs”. He pointed out that China is entering into an important period of strategic opportunities for the building of international science and technology innovation hubs. Therefore, we must set our eyes on the future and seek breakthroughs in their development goals, institutional arrangements and policy designs. The roles and functions of the innovation hubs must be clearly defined, with emphasis on the features of “global influence” and “scientific and technological innovation”. The focus should be placed on supporting capacity building and creating an internationalized ecological environment.