Sino-German Innovation Policy Platform

March 9,2018

The China-Germany Innovation Policy Platform was jointly inaugurated by Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology of China, and Georg Schuette, state secretary of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research of Germany, in 2011. As one of the important achievements of China-Germany inter-governmental consultation, the platform has become a long-term mechanism of bilateral innovation exchange and dialogue and played an influential and guiding role in deepening China-Germany STI cooperation. Based on the Sino-German Innovation Conference, the platform has had involvement of an increasing number of governmental departments, enterprises and research institutes and provided an important policy support for the two countries’ innovation system development and innovation capacity building. Over the eight years since then, more than 100 representatives of Chinese and German governmental, industry and research communities have had in-depth discussions on themes including industry innovation, industry-academia collaboration, and innovation and future. In addition, Chinese and German expert groups have continued to advance the research collaboration project “Innovation Systems in Germany and China: Comparison and Collaboration”. In June 2017, the Sino-German Innovation Conference co-organized by CASTED took place in Berlin, Germany, where Chinese Premier Li Keqiang gave the speech “China and Germany: Building a Golden Partnership on Innovation”.