Minister Wan and Vice Minister Cao Attend China ITTC 2014

August 6,2014



On April 15, China ITTC 2014 was held in Beijing. Minister Wan Gang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and Vice Minister Cao Jianlin presided over the ceremony.
    Minister Wan pointed out that since the 21st century, Science and Technology in China has witnessed a trend of faster growth, R&D of the society boosted dramatically, and STI capacity improved constantly, indicating greater progress in multiple areas. The Chinese government endeavored to strengthen international S&T cooperation, attaching great importance to the building of international S&T cooperation platforms. He hoped that this Conference could make new contributions to attract international innovation resources for Beijing and the whole country at large, enhance the capacity for innovation-driven development, and facilitate economic restructuring and upgrading.
    At the opening ceremony, Minister Wan Gang, Mayor of Beijing Wang Anshun, Argentina Ambassador Gustavo A. Martino and Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Reza Moridi jointly inaugurated 279 international S&T cooperation bases in Beijing.
    Sponsored by Department of International Cooperation of MOST and Beijing Municipal Government, and organized by Beijing Municipal S&T Commission, the Conference takes the theme of “Wisdom Beijing, Multidisciplinary Fusion, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win”, with the focus on ecological construction, energy conservation and environmental protection. Moreover, a parallel session was held in Guiyang. The Conference represents an important platform for promoting innovative ideas and achievements, bridging foreign technology transfer agencies with Chinese counterparts and setting up international transfer cooperation projects.