107th Report in 2013: Research on Nanjing and Wuhan's Exploration Practice and Policy Implications of Promoting the Transformation of S&T Achievements

August 5,2014



Abstract: Based on the key points and performance analysis for policies of Nanjing "Science Nine" and Wuhan "Ten Gold", this paper points out some common existing problems in the policy implementation, such as lacking of measures fit with the features of intangible technical assets in the system of state-owned assets management, and long-term mechanism of industry-academy-university cooperation, the supporting policies of improving S&T personnel’s entrepreneurship and incentives. It presents three aspects of implications: innovation on the design of institutions for the rights of S&T achievement disposition and benefits, improving the S&T achievement management and operation ability of university and institutions, cultivating good institutional supporting policy environment. And it further puts forward fIve policy suggestions.