1st Sino- German Innovation Conference and the Launching Ceremony of the Sino-German Innovation Platform Held in CASTED

September 28,2011




October 20th -21st ,2011, 1st Sino- German Innovation Conference , and the launching ceremony of the Sino-German innovation platform were held in Beijing. It was hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R. China(MOST) and Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMBF) together, and organized by Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED). Minister Wan Gang from MOST,and State Secretary Georg SCHUTTE from BMBF jointly moderated the opening session and ceremony of the Sino-German innovation platform. There were about 200 represents attended this conference.


Minister Wan Gang believed that launching the Sino-German innovation platform would provide more choice for S&T development and innovation advancement in China, Germany and beyond. He proposed four suggestions for S &T cooperation between China and Germany. First, both sides should conduct innovation strategy research together, and strive to build the innovation policy platform together. Second, both sides should build a comprehensive strategic partnership in the field of electric automobile, and explore the cooperation in strategic emerging industries. Third, China and Germany should carry out cooperation on innovation research in environment protection area. Fourth, two countries should enhance technology cooperation in basic research field such as life science. 


Dr. SCHUTTE introduced German innovation system and strategies, and the trend of research and innovation policy in Germany. He said,under the global financial crisis, technology innovation and progress would become the common experience of the two countries. China and Germany are highly complementary and have huge cooperation potential in technology developmental process. Looking forward, the two countries will start comprehensive cooperation in innovation research on clean water project. 


      In the conference, four issues were discussed. First is about innovation policy, including Chinese and German innovation policy, innovation cluster and industry-university-research collaboration, and strategies and policies for strategic emerging industries. Second is about innovation research, innovation counseling and evaluation in China and Germany. Third is about framework conditions for Industrial research. Fourth is about cooperation experiences and perspectives of the two countries. 
   Prof. Wang Yuan, executive vice president of CASTED, moderated the first session "Innovation Policies in China and Germany". Prof. Gao Changlin, academy council member of CASTED gave a speech titled" China's R&D Investment: Trend and Policy Challenges". Department of research management of CASTED undertook all the organization work, and some researchers from CASTED also joined the conference.