The Publishing of Annual Report of Science and Technology Development of China (2010)---Research on Strategic Emerging Industries

April 28,2011




Since the financial crisis, all developed countries not only adopted some macro - policies such as current and fiscal policies, but also pay high attention to science and technology(S&T) innovation and the cultivation of strategic emerging industries to stimulate the economic development. In this way, they want to get an advantageous position in the new wave of global economic competition and industrial revolution. This indicates a new start of world economic developmental circle. Chinese government also proposes that China should strive to develop the strategic emerging industries. To this end, the State Council releases a document called “ State Council decision on Cultivating and Developing Strategic  Emerging Industries”. Other related plans will be unveiled soon.
       Strategic emerging industries are based on major technical breakthrough and major development needs. It is an extremely challengeable job for the policy makers, enterprisers, and researchers on how to develop it and make it the mainstay of China’s economic system. It needs breakthroughs on the enforcement of industrial policies, innovation on business models, and industrial organization restructuring. 
       To this end, with the support of the Department of Policies, Regulations and Reform of MOST, and the financial assistance of National Soft Science Plan, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED)organizes researchers to conduct trans-departmental collaboration on compiling Annual Report of Science and Technology Development of China (2010)---Research on Strategic Emerging Industry. It has been published by Science Press in March 2011.
      This report carries out a comprehensive research on strategic emerging industries. It has two parts. The first three chapters compose the first big part, focusing on solving the problems of strategic emerging industries on theoretical level. The first chapter analyses the financial crisis background of strategic emerging industries, and generalizes the features and tend of S&T innovation. It also points out the special significance of strategic emerging industries to China’s industrialization. The second chapter tries to explain the concept and features of strategic emerging industries from a systematic and comprehensive way. It raises several general rules of strategic emerging industries development. The third chapter solves the problems about development path and model strategic emerging industries, and also proposes some theoretical premise for government policy making. 
       The other four chapters compose the second big part, talking about the experience and practical suggestions from cultivation of strategic emerging industries. At the beginning of fourth chapter, it briefly reviews the standards of choosing key industries. Then it analyses the short history of industrial policies of the three major economies. In the fifth chapter, it conducts five case studies, such as internet and artemisinine to be as much praised as blamed, etc. The sixth chapter contributes a lot for this report. It analyses the current situation of strategic emerging industries from technological, industrial, future planning aspects. The seventh chapter concludes China’s current policies from multiple aspects and gives some suggestions according to “State Council Decision on Cultivating and Developing Strategic Emerging Industries”. This report will be very helpful for leaders for all levels, the relevant decision making departments, researchers from S&T institutes, and teachers and students from colleges and universities. It will help them better understanding China’s strategic emerging industries development.