43rd Report in 2010: Lessons from Promotion of Low Carbon Technologies by UK Carbon Fund

March 21,2011




Abstract: Expediting the promotion and application of low carbon technologies is one of the prerequisites for realizing the strategic objective of saving energy and reducing emission under the background of facing global climate changes and developing low carbon economy. The UK carbon trust, which carries out activities in providing solutions, technological innovation, industrialization, business investment, and strategic research, provides China with experiences on how to promote the commercialization and industrialization of low carbon technologies. The article believes that promotion and application of low carbon technologies require comprehensive technological service supports; the promotion requires both public technological platform and policy guidance and market regulation; and a universal low carbon technological system shall be established in China although the issue of CO2 is not top on the agenda. The article proposes that comprehensive and professional technological service institute shall be established to cater for demands in low carbon technologies; preparing the roadmap for low carbon technologies and technical guidance by industries; and establishing comprehensive assessment indicators system to facilitate application of these technologies.