12th Report in 2010: Rapid Progress in Rebuilding Houses Post-Quake and High Satisfaction with the New Houses

March 11,2011




Abstract: The report analyzes the house rebuilding post quake. The findings show that nearly 40% of the houses in the disaster area need rebuilding and more than 50% need bracing/repairing. By the time of the survey, 90% of households whose houses damaged in the quake have moved into permanent houses. Among them, 96.1% rebuild new houses by their own and more than 80% are satisfied with their new houses. One third of households still living in temporary houses believe it will take another year to move into permanent houses and 16.1% consider it’s impossible to build permanent houses. Most of the government subsidies for building new houses are fully distributed to those in need. More than 50% of the householders opt to build houses on their own have access to loans, though considerable number of them think it is quite difficult to repay the loan as scheduled.