11th Report in 2010: Supporting Facilities are to be Developed in the Disaster Area Despite of Considerable Improvement of Living Conditions and Environment

March 11,2011




Abstract: The report analyzes the general living conditions in the disaster area, including types of housing, facilities, and degree of convenience. The survey finds that in comparison with one year ago, the living conditions are improved substantially. Only less than 10% households are still living in temporary houses, 99.1% now have access to electricity, 37.3% have toilets, 25.4% use piped water, and 25.7% have hot showers. In prefabricated house area, more people have access to these utilities. In comparison with pre-quake, 14% of the people living in the disaster area believe life has become better now, 64.9% think it is about the same, and 21.0% consider it is more troublesome. 86.7% of those living in prefabricated house area believe it is more convenient to go shopping and 82.7% consider it is more convenient to see doctors.