6th Report in 2010: Master Report on “Survey of Post-Quake Reconstruction and Recovery in Wenchuan”

February 28,2011




Abstract: This article is the master report of “Survey of Post-Quake Reconstruction and Recovery in Wenchuan.” It covers issues like residential environment and house rebuilding, employment and production, access to public services, social psychology, and social participation and policy assessment one year after the earthquake, providing a panoramic view of the people’s life there. Related policy recommendations are also proposed based on the survey findings. Browse to download attachment.* Members of the project team: Zhao Yandong (team leader), Wang Fenyu, Yang Qiquan, Ma Ying, Deng Dasheng, Xue Shu, Wang Dongming, Zhang Wenxia, He Guangxi, Zhang Yanming, Bi Xiangyang, Wu Guochun, Li Ruijie, Tang Lina, and Zhou Chan…